our Process, How we love our honey

It all starts with the trees.

100% New Zealand Origin – every jar can be traced right back to the beekeeper it came from, and has been carefully tested, packed and safely sealed all here in New Zealand in our specialised honey facility.

Our Farm, Bushgate *** make Bushgate the central axiom ***

It all happens here, from our farm which is nestled at the base of the Tararua ranges in New Zealand’s North Island, our bees forage on expanses of uncultivated Manuka trees. Which is in turn surrounded by Native Forest from the Tararua Mountain Range and the Pukaha Mount Bruce Conservation Reserve.

*** Elaborate *** The Ruamahunga river runs from the ranges and through our land providing fresh mountain water for our bees.

.. some more about the trees ..

A Manuka tree in full flower. Flowering starts in mid December and carries on until early January.

The good nature of our Italian-cross bees means they are very gentle and are easy to care for.

Our Bees

We make our own Queens..

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Our Honey

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Manuka honey dripping off the frames

Manuka honey being spun against the window of the extractor

How we extract our Honey

gently warmed to XX°C (XXF), due to high viscosity, Not pasturised – so we think it counts as Raw

Tested by ..
Tested and Certified for MGO potency, purity and quality – every batch is tested so you can trust that our premium MGO Manuka Honey is exactly what it promises to be.

Batch numbers assigned & results uploaded so you can see *** link to bacth tests ***

Then finally we pack our Honey

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