this is Our Story

Debbie Keil

After I spent five years at the University of Otago studying Human Nutrition (MSC, DipSci) I returned to my home town of Masterton (Wairarapa), New Zealand. Together with my family we purchased a 950 acre farm just north of Masterton at Mount Bruce.

After farming the property for several years I caught two wild bee swarms. Little did we know then that this would be the beginning of a passion for Bees and Honey.

My background in science has helped me to adhere to a scientific approach to every hive, and this has lead to her success in this business.

*** Elaborate – need 3/4 paragraphs *** I built the business from a hobby of a few hives to the 800 hives that are now run on the property. This took 15 years. I worked the hives and lifted the honey myself. I couldn’t ask for a better office (beautiful views and fresh air). At the same time I have raised two wonderful children. *** Elaborate ***

*** Elaborate – need 2/3 paragraphs, how has MGM come about *** Recently I have employed two beekeepers to help run the hives. To work for me they have had to show an honest passion for the bees. After years of selling our amazing product to larger honey companies to then on sell, I have decided to pot and sell this quality Manuka Honey direct to consumers.*** Elaborate ***

Freddie Keil

*** need a good photo of Fred, clear so can see face etc *** The first kept bees on our farm were brought to our property by a long time friend of mine about 20 years ago. It was these bees that swarmed, and were caught by my daughter Debbie. This started my shared interest in bees with my daughter.

Debbie kept the bees and I made the equipment until she started her family. I then took over the hive keeping for a few years while the children were babies. We then worked together with me making boxes, bases and other hive ware from unwanted wooden pallets.

*** This paragraph is very awkward, needs re-writing *** We soon had the business growing from a hobby to commercial. As it grew I helped with shifting hives from winter to summer sites and back. The number of beehive boxes and beehive bases required grew so fast that Debbie was then buying hundreds of flat packed boxes and putting them together herself. She also made her own lids and bases. Business has grown fast since then. I’ve enjoyed watching and being involved in the growth of my daughters successful business.

*** More – what are you doing in the future ***